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Gail Stein “How To Make A Telescope"

Jean Texereau | 1962 | ASIN: B000LWC2T4 | 191 pages | Djvu | 2 MB

Engineer of the Optical Laboratory of the Paris Observatory and President of the Instrument Group of the Astronomical Society of France.
Translated and Adapted from the French by Allen Strickler with forewords by Andre Couder and Albert G Ingalls.
The first edition of this book was universally acclaimed as the best book ever written for making a Newtonian.

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M. Barlow Pepin, "Care of Astronomical Telescopes and Accessories"

Springer | 2004-11-05 | ISBN: 185233715X | 252 pages | PDF | 10,9 MB

Commercially-made astronomical telescopes are better and less expensive than ever before, and their optical and mechanical performance can be superb. When a good-quality telescope fails to perform as well as it might, the reason is quite probably that it needs a little care and attention!

Here is a complete guide for anyone who wants to understand more than just the basics of astronomical telescopes and accessories, and how to maintain them in the peak of condition. The latest on safely adjusting, cleaning, and maintaining your equipment is combined with thoroughly updated methods from the old masters. Here, too, are details of choosing new and used optics and accessories, along with enhancements you can make to extend their versatility and useful lifetime.

This book is for you. Really. Looking after an astronomical telescope isnÆt only for the experts - although there some things that only an expert should attempt - and every serious amateur astronomer will find invaluable information here, gleaned from Barlow PepinÆs many yearsÆ experience working with optical instruments.

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Albert G. Ingalls "Amateur Telescope Making Advanced"

Scientific American | 1952 | ISBN: B000HKIK2I | 650 pages | PDF | 49,2 MB

The book contains sections on mirror making, kinfe-edge Test, correcting, figuring, Sub diameter Tools, prism, flats, mirrors, ronchi test, Hartmann test, Aspheric surfaces, small lenses, oculars, riflescopes, refractors telescopes, Schmidt Cameras, aplanatic reflectors, binoculars, optical flats, telescope mechanics, telescope drives. Tubes, spiders, aluminizing, silvering, observatories, astrophotography, richest field telescope and telescope adjustments.

There are over 650 pages and 260 illustrations used to compliment the text.

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Albert G. Ingalls "Amateur Telescope Making"

Scientific American, Inc. | 1953 | ISBN: B000J2Q1M0 | 327 pages | PDF | 47 MB

Sections of the book cover optical production, optical Systems for astrophotography, Spectrographs, null test for paraboloids, the Caustic test or Gaviola Test, barlow lens, lenses for astrophotography, optical flats, Schmidt cameras construction, methods and machinery, eyepieces and small lenses, other optical instruments, optical coating and coating equipment, the eye and atmosphere, and instrumentation for solar observations.

A total of 263 illustrations are used.

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Fred Watson "Stargazer"

Da Capo Press | 2006-06-12 | ISBN: 0306814838 | 368 pages | PDF | 2,5 MB

The history of the telescope is a rich story of human ingenuity and perseverance involving some of the most colorful figures of the scientific world- Galileo, Johann Kepler, Isaac Newton, William Herschel, George Ellery Hale, and Edwin Hubble. Stargazer brings to life these brilliant, if sometimes quirky, scientists as they turned their eyes and ideas to the stars.

Written by one of Australia's top astronomers, Stargazer reveals lucidly, and without technical jargon (but with a dash of humor), the history, science, and technology behind the telescope, and the enormous impact that it has had for four hundred years on how we have come to understand our universe.

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Allyn J. Thompson “Making Your Own Telescope"

Dover Publications | 2003-06-20 | ISBN: 0486428834 | 223 pages | Djvu | 6,3 MB

Complete, detailed instructions and numerous diagrams for constructing a do-it-yourself telescope. No complicated mathematics are involved, and no prior knowledge of optics or astronomy is needed to follow the text's step-by-step directions. Contents cover, among other topics, materials and equipment; tube parts and alignment; eyepieces, and related problems; setting circles; and optical principles. 1973 ed. Appendixes. Index. 6 plates. 100 figures.

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